Kickerball Curve and Swerve Soccer Ball/Football Toy

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The KickerBall by Swerve Ball is not your average soccer ball. In fact, our White and Orange ball gives KIDS, ADULTS, ANYONE the ability to kick like the professionals. How you may ask? Similar to the Swerve Ball’s “Hexpropello Dodecahedron” design; the KickerBall has special panels to channel air differently than your standard soccer ball. This special design matched with our unique aerodynamic materials is what gives our ball the ability to SWERVE, BEND, and CURVE with ease! You can swerve and curve the ball like your idols in EUFA, MLS, etc We were inspired by the world’s greatest athletes to invent a ball that makes those “impossible” soccer tricks POSSIBLE! From the stadium to your backyard, the KickerBall is hours of fun for Boys, Girls and Adults! This ball is fun for both Outdoor and Indoor sports. (Please Note: The KickerBall is not a FIFA, NFHS or NCAA certified soccer ball; it is a TOY and should be used as such. Results may vary depending on your unique skill level.)