Invigorate Soothing Ice Roller- Meridian Point

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    Relieve pain and stimulate skin recovery with the Meridian Point Ice Roller. Prevent wrinkle formation and lift your face with the benefits of cool rolling.
  • Great to relieve instant pain and promote skin recovery - this ice roller can help relieve the instant pain, irritation, and muscle tension for any minor injury, or burn; and minimize irritations and redness after a cosmetic procedure.
  • Tighten your skin- Great to help relieve puffy eyes, prevent wrinkle formation, and lift your face making your skin look refreshed.
  • Migraine relief- works well to ease the pain from sinuses and tension.
  • Warm tip: when to use- ice roller either in the morning or before the bed. Just be aware.
  • The ergonomic design makes it convenient for you to hold the ice roller and roll over your skin, nice to your delicate skin and perfect to roll over your face, eyes, neck & body