Instant Smile Multi-Shade Temporary Tooth Repair Kit

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If you are missing a tooth, it can take weeks or even months to get it fixed by a dentist. It can also be very expensive... hundreds of dollars for a flipper or even thousands for an implant. That is why we have created the Instant Smile Multishade Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit, a quick and affordable solution to replace a missing tooth... You can now fill the space of a missing tooth (in the comfort of your own home) with a realistic looking alternative and it won't break the bank. Each kit includes 30 individual teeth to choose from and 3 tooth shade options (Bright White, Natural and Dark). Unlike other tooth kits on the market, where you have to try and mold fitting beads into something that looks like a tooth... our patented kit gives you the ability to replace a missing tooth with an actual realistic looking temporary tooth! Each row of temporary teeth includes 10 teeth of varying sizes and shapes to choose from. The teeth are glossy and have a smooth finish to emulate the look and feel of your real teeth. The temporary tooth is securely held into the space of your missing tooth with the included thermal fitting impression beads. Whether you have been missing a tooth for years, or you just need a quick solution while you wait for your dentist, our Multishade Tooth Kit will give you the opportunity to have a full and confident smile at an affordable price!