IGIA Micro-Curl Heated Eyelash Curler

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IGIA MICRO - CURL HEATED EYELASH CURLER The Advanced Heated Eyelash Curling System. No system is more advanced! Heats in just 90 seconds. Curls and sets your Lashes in just 8 seconds. Then, shuts off automatically after 3 minutes. This newly heated eyelash curler by IGIÃ will make it easier for you to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Even if your Lashes are short and fine, in just seconds they can look longer and thicker and will stay curled all day. Best of all, this advanced eyelash curler offers safe, gentle heat and a soft pad that totally eliminates crimping, sticking or pulling. IGIÃ Micro-Curl is the advanced, pencil thin, aluminum body heated eyelash curler. This new unit is lightweight and easy to put in your purse and carry to use anytime, anywhere. The heating mechanism has a built-in safety control which monitors and keeps the temperature comfortable for curling lashes. Create eyes with long, lush, thick eyelashes. Deluxe Aluminium Alloy Body Lightweight and Pencil Thin Shape Built-In Safety Temperature Control More Compact and Portable Safe and Gentle Faster IGIÃ Micro-Curl Includes - Pencil Thin Heated Eyelash Curler Instructions Manual