Hot Hands- Non-Slip Silicon Cooking Gloves

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    Ontel - With Hot Hands Non-Slip Silicone Cooking Gloves you can grab flip & shred hot meals veggies seafood and more. These gloves allow you to reach into water and ovens. Grip pots pans skillets baking trays & more! heat-resistant gloves let you safely and comfortably when you are Cooking BBQing Boiling water Pickling Opening Cans/Jars or doing other household tasks. It is resistant to heat、oil、water and stain while protecting your hands. Protect Your Hands And Avoid Accidents With Insulated Waterproof Five-Fingered Grip. 100% Waterproof Covers Your Wrist Keeps Hands Safe and Dry. Dishwasher Safe Easy to Clean. Unisex - Size 10.5" L by 5 to 7" W
  • Set of 2 gloves.
  • Great for ovens, stoves, grills and more
  • BPA Free