Hawk Electrostatic Duster Set- 3 piece set (Assorted Colors)

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    Hawk - Electrostatic Duster with Handle Trap Pulls Keep Dust Away. This amazing duster set is designed to make dusting easier. Because of their superior static attraction dust 'clings' instead of being pushed from one spot to another. By simply brushing across a surface a static force is created which pulls dust like a magnet. To clean just shake or wash with normal soap. This smartly designed duster set features static duster technology to trap the dust not spread it around. Use to clean furniture mini blinds fragile collectibles plants and more. Colors may vary. 3 Piece Set- Multi-Colored. It is 0.62 lb very light-weighted
  • Includes 3 pieces for versatile cleaning options.
  • Electrostatic dusters effectively attract and trap dust particles.
  • Assorted colors for a fun and vibrant cleaning experience.