Handy Gourmet Eco Friendly Microwave Bacon Cooker

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The Handy Gourmet Microwave Bacon Cooker is a microwave-safe tray that drains grease for healthier eating. This multi-use cooker can be used, to make bacon, sausage, veggie patties, pizza rolls, and other snacks with more grease or oils. The cooking surface features raised ridges that create an elevated grill-like base for draining excess fat, leaving you with a more healthy breakfast side dish. The included tray cover prevents bacon grease from splattering, helping to keep your kitchen microwave clean. The tray is made with biodegradable and natural wheat straw material and is BPA-free. Designed with a non-toxic biodegradable natural wheat straw material Grill-type base for draining excess fat. Clean: the lid prevents spattering to keep your microwave clean Comfortable handles for better transportation. Made with less plastic