Hair Washing Tray

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    Jobar - The Hair Washing Tray is super easy to use! It fits your neck comfortably and sits on your shoulders while you get a nice shampoo in a chair or wheelchair. It has a special rubber edge that feels comfy and stops it from slipping. Plus it stops water from spilling over. It's small and light so you don't have to bend too much if you can't move a lot. And it helps caregivers avoid hurting their backs. There's a 35" strap that goes around your arm to keep the tray steady. It's 18" long and 13" wide with a 5" deep and 4.5" wide space for your neck. 1-3/4 x 13 x 17-3/4 inch. - White
  • Comfortable & Easy to Use
  • Drains Soap & Water to Sink
  • Prevents Spills