Gutter Cleaner Applicator by MarxOff

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MarXoff Gutter Cleaner Quick and Easy Way to Clean Stains from Gutters and Drains! Keeps gutters looking new. The ONLY gutter cleaning applicator! You could spend hours pulling out ladders, buckets, and pressure washers trying to reach hard stains on your gutters and drain pipes, or just minutes with MarXoff! This unique patented product is the only gutter cleaner that removes the stains on the surface of your gutters and drain pipes. Simply attach MarXoff to any extension pole, apply an all-purpose cleaner, and wipe away dirt and grime build up on the outside of your gutters. MarXoffis NOT a brush. It is a soft synthetic lambs wool applicator pad that is molded to the exact shape of standard gutters. The applicator pad resists wear and tear allowing you to finish the job without having to replace the pad. It requires only a small amount of pressure for great results. MarXoff will turn an all day job into only minutes! Features: Molded plastic fits all standard gutters Synthetic lambs wool pad cleans surface easily Fits standard size extension pole Only gutter cleaner on the market Replaces ladders and power washers 7 in. x 3.5 in. x 5.5 in. Made in the USA Includes: 1 x MarXoff Gutter Cleaner