Gourmet Trends Perfect Pancake Puff

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Gourmet Trends Perfect Pancake Puff - Make an endless variety of perfect puffs! Easy to use! Just use your favorite mix or batter and fill, pour, and flip! A durable non-stick iron pan that can cook 7 puffs at the same time. Easy to clean up simply wipe and reuse Perfect for: Buttermilk pancake puffs Blueberry pancake puffs Meatball sandwich puffs Fruit filled puffs Pizza puffs Pigs in a blanket puff Banana bread puffs Brown sugar puffs Apple sauce puffs Cinnamon raisin puffs Sugar puffs Apple puffs Crab cake puffs Brownie puffs Omelet puffs and so many more..... Includes: Perfect Puff Pan Sugar shaker Pastry brush 6 Flipping sticks.