EZ Press N' Grill

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    Tired of messy hands and burger patties that come out sloppy? Meet EZ Press n' Grill, the only self-contained burger press that holds all you need to make. Your kitchen, your ingredients, your way. Make patties and grill now... or use the Press n' Grill to take them on the go. Either way, you'll end up with perfect burgers every time! This great tool lets you form perfectly shaped burger patties without the mess and trouble of other methods. And get this: because the press consists of a canister with a fitted lid on both ends, it's also perfect for storing patties until you're ready to fire up the grill. When filled, the EZ Press N' Grill holds six quarter-pound burger patties, and is perfect for refrigerator or cooler storage until ready for use. With both lids removed, you can use the press to push out exactly the number of patties you need and then just reseal. All the accessories fit neatly inside the press, so everything stays organized once the grill cools down. •Dimensions: Measures 4.7" tall by 4.5" diameter Special aerator drip disc ensures that meat juices and harmful bacteria are kept away from the patties, keeping your food safe before hits the grill •Included is a scoop that pre-measures the burger ingredients, which means no mess on your hands
  • Say goodbye to sloppy burger patties and hello to perfect burgers every time.
  • Make patties and grill immediately or take them on the go
  • STORE up to six 1/4 lb. patties