Eggy Microwave Egg Cooker and Poacher

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The Eggy Microwave Egg Cooker and Poacher cooks your eggs in 3 easy steps! Simply Crack, Cook, and Enjoy. Cook tase scrambled eggs or perfectly poached eggs in less than a minute. You can even make fluffy omelets in less than five minutes! With our Non-stick surface, simply whip up to four large eggs right in the durable pot, cook in the microwave, and toss in the dishwasher. No need for extra dishes to clean later! Even add veggies, cheese, and any cooked meat of your choice. The portable design and non-slip bottom make this cooker perfect on the go! Enjoy at home, work, or while away. Holds aprox. 16 oz. Dimensions: 4"x 5" Materials: Ceramic & Silicone Dishwasher Safe Product ships in White