Eco-Fill Deluxe 2.0

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Making your own coffee at home just got a whole lot easier and less expensive. The ECO-Fill Deluxe works with your Keurig and K-Cup compatible brewers to give you a full-flavored single-serve cup of your favorite coffee. The ECO-Fill Deluxe holds 32% more coffee than a traditional K-Cup which ensures a more flavorful cup every time. The ECO-Fill Deluxe is built with a stainless-steel, micro-etched foil filter for a cleaner, smoother cup of coffee. The lid is self-latching and the mechanical hinge is durable and easy to use. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, the ECO-Fill Deluxe can be used on its own or with the Perfect Pod filters. Compatible with K-Cup Brewers including Keurig 2.0 coffee makers. Use your own fresh coffee for a better cup of coffee, savings up to 80% vs pre-filled K cups, and less waste too. Micro etched stainless steel foil that provides excellent filtration. Single cup refill size brews from 6 to 12 oz. of coffee per batch.