Eagle Eye Eyeglass Cleaning & Repair Kit

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    Introducing the all-in-one eyeglass cleaning and repair kit! This kit includes everything you need to keep your eyeglasses in perfect condition. Here's what you'll find inside:Special eyeglass cleaning solution: A 0.34 oz. spray bottle of our specially formulated cleaning solution ensures crystal-clear lenses.Microfiber cleaning cloth: The included microfiber cloth gently wipes away smudges and dirt without scratching your lenses.Mini-screwdriver: Tackle those pesky loose screws with the mini-screwdriver, perfectly sized for tightening or adjusting tiny screws.Compact carrying case: All these essential tools fit neatly into a compact carrying case, allowing you to keep them easily accessible in your purse, desk drawer, glovebox, or anywhere you need them. Keychain attachment: The mini-screwdriver conveniently attaches to a keychain, so you can have it with you wherever you go for on-the-spot repairs.Not only can this screwdriver fix your eyewear, but it also comes in handy for repairing or replacing batteries in small electronics and toys. This versatile kit is a must-have for anyone who wears glasses or deals with small repairs.
  • Eyeglass cleaning and repair kit includes:Special eyeglass cleaning solution in a 0.34 oz. spray bottle.Microfiber cleaning cloth for gentle and effective cleaning.Mini-screwdriver perfectly sized for tightening tiny screws.
  • All components are neatly packed in a compact carrying case.
  • It conveniently fits in a purse, desk drawer, glovebox, or any other small space.