Dryer Wool - Soft Wool Balls- 2 pack

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    The Dryer Wool - Soft Wool Balls - 2 pack: Experience softer, static-free laundry with these natural wool balls, perfect for use in your dryer. Their gentle yet effective design helps reduce drying time and eliminates the need for chemical-laden dryer sheets, making them a eco-friendly and cost-effective laundry solution.
  • Unique product designed to leave clothes soft and static free.
  • When placed in the dryer among the wet laundry, the balls help to lift and separate the clothes, reducing static and drying time as well as leaving the clothes soft and fluffy.
  • They work by improving the circulation of heat and air through the wet items.
  • Helps keep clothes looking new.
  • No chemicals used in this product just throw the ball in with your wet clothes and watch how nicety come out lint free.