Dryer Maid Ball

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    Home Smart - Dryer Maid Ball removes lint and pet hair from clothes sheets and towels as they tumble in the dryer and sends it to the lint trap for easy disposal! Cat hair and dog hair lint are gone. Dryer Maid Ball as seen on TV works like thousands of tiny lint brushes in every load plus its electrostatic technology attracts hair lint. As the Dryer Maid ball spins it brushes fabric and absorbs static electricity that attracts hair and lint and releases it in the lint trap. Dryer Maid separates clothes so they dry faster. Reduces wrinkles and static buildup no need for costly dryer sheets and it is chemical free. Reusable. Removing pet hair and lint has never been so easy. 1 x Dryer Maid Ball - Black
  • Dryer Maid™ Ball removes lint and pet hair from clothes.
  • Easy-to-use, just throw it in your dryer.
  • Separates clothes so they dry faster.