Dent Defender Foam Pads Protector And Guard Resists Impacts For Car Doors - Grey

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    Dent Defender Foam Pads, the ultimate solution for protecting your valuable surfaces from unwanted dents and scratches.These high-quality foam pads provide a cushioned barrier that effectively safeguards your furniture, floors, and other delicate surfaces. Each Dent Defender Foam Pad is thoughtfully designed to be durable and reliable. The pads are crafted from premium materials that offer exceptional resilience and long-lasting performance. Their superior cushioning properties ensure optimal impact absorption, reducing the risk of unsightly dents and damage caused by heavy objects or accidental impacts.Adhesive back applies easily to most surfaces. Each pad measures 20" x 6". Comes in neutral grey color to blend with all decors. Multiple applications. Includes: 2 x Dent Defender Foam pads
  • Dent Defender Foam Pads: Your ultimate solution for protecting valuable surfaces.
  • High-quality foam pads provide a cushioned barrier against unwanted dents and scratches.
  • Crafted with durability and reliability in mind for long-lasting performance.