Cushioned Refrigerator Liner, Two Pack

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    Introducing the HW833-2 TV Direct Cushioned Refrigerator Liner a cutting-edge solution designed to maintain optimal freshness for your produce. Crafted with precision and innovation this checkered foam liner measuring approximately 19.5" x 11.75" revolutionizes refrigerator organization. Its customizable design allows seamless air circulation preserving fruits and vegetables while ensuring cleanliness in your drawers. Each pack available in a convenient two-pack green configuration guarantees enhanced storage and cleanliness. Elevate your refrigerator's functionality with this indispensable addition meticulously packaged for easy hanging display on a panel. Experience unparalleled freshness and organization with the HW833-2 Refrigerator Liner – the ultimate companion for a pristine fridge environment. 2 Pack - Green
  • Helps air circulate around fruits and vegetables.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cut to Size.