Cure it One Wipe Intense Restorer 8 fl. oz.

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    ASOTV - Cure It One Wipe Intense Restorer Faded Bumper Dashboard Headlight Leather Wax. Cure-It One Wipe is the intense one-step formula that restores faded finishes to their original showroom look. There is no need to go to expensive body shops to restore faded bumpers weathered trims, dull dashboards, and foggy headlights. Do them on your own with Cure-It One Wipe. One Wipe is an intense restorer with no silicone that restores plastic, vinyl, and leather for up to 1 year. Black 8 fl. oz. 1 Pack
  • This product contains no silicone!
  • Our Solution Works To Restore Faded Bumpers!
  • The special formula will protect your car for up to one year!