Copper Chef Copper Eggs With Non-Stick Coating Ceramic-Coated

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    Copper Chef - Ceramic-Coated Copper Egg Set. Revolutionize egg cooking with the Copper Chef Ceramic-Coated Copper Egg Set. Poach or boil eggs effortlessly with these nonstick ceramic-coated pods. Enjoy easy cleanup after use. The set includes four copper egg pods four lids and an egg caddy for convenience. Crafted with durable ceramic-coated aluminum these pods are dishwasher-safe. Perfect for soft or hard-poached eggs making breakfast a breeze. Upgrade your egg cooking experience with this versatile and efficient set. Poach or boil eggs without the hassle of peeling with these convenient pods featuring a nonstick ceramic coating for quick cleanup. Cook hard- medium- or soft-boiled eggs with ease without having to peel the shell make poached eggs deviled eggs & more. Includes four copper egg pods four lids and an egg caddy. -Copper eggs with non-stick soft hard poached boil cooker 4 pods ceramic-coated aluminum. Nonstick. Cerami-tech non-stick coating means nothing sticks! Clean-up’s a breeze – no soaking or scrubbing – dishwasher safe comes with matching lids & egg caddy. You also get a free recipe book with recipes for omelets deviled eggs chocolate crème eggs & more! 4 Copper eggs 4 matching lids 1 egg caddy copper eggs recipe book. Poach eggs for quick and easy eggs Benedict; make enough deviled eggs for a party without peeling a shell; pour egg whites for a protein-packed day; add sausage peppers and cheese and shake for an omelet on the go. Imported - Brown
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Non-Stick Coating.
  • Dishwasher safe.