Cool Head Pillow - Pool Water-Filled Pillow, Blue

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    Coolhead - G48640-P Pool Water Filled Vertical Beach Pillow for Neck Support Adult. The coolest thing to hit the Sun since sunscreen. This product will revolutionize how you spend your time on the beach. What started as a pain in the neck has quickly become the Cool Head Beach Pillow now providing the coolest rest you can get in the sun. It's the fastest and easiest way to get comfortable and cool while you soak up the rays. Your head is going to thank you! Keeps head cool while sunbathing. It helps prevent heat exhaustion. Easy to travel with. Comes in different colors. Great for the beach or pool. 0.38 lb - Pink
  • Keeps head cool while sun bathing.
  • Helps prevent heat-exhaustion.
  • Easy to travel with.