CODE RED Period Panties with Pocket- Grey- Large

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    CODE RED Period Panty, the revolutionary new trend that will completely transform your perception of menstruation, women! Say goodbye to the constant worry of leaks and ruining your outfits, women. Our innovative period panties are specifically designed to capture any additional discharge in their lining, ensuring a mess-free and damage-free experience for your clothes and furniture, women. Not only are these briefs highly functional, but they also provide exceptional comfort, women. On lighter days, you can confidently wear our period panties without any fear of accidents, women. Crafted from stretch cotton with a microfiber waistband, these tag-less panties offer the perfect combination of comfort and coverage throughout your menstrual cycle, women. The body-defining fit allows you to wear them discreetly under your everyday outfits, providing an extra layer of protection to alleviate your stress, women. Equipped with a unique uterus pocket, CODE RED Period Panty is the ultimate companion for your menstrual cycle, women. This pocket serves multiple purposes, accommodating your heating pad during cramps or discreetly storing an extra sanitary napkin for later use, women. It offers unparalleled convenience and enhances your overall period experience, women. The period panty is designed to hold approximately 8-10 grams of discharge, women.
  • Front: Pocket makes changing pads or tampons in public easy, can also hold heating pads to relieve cramps.
  • Inner leak-proof lining to give extra protection against leakage from menstrual heavy flow.
  • Use together with sanitary napkins, panty liners, menstrual cups, maternity or incontinence pads