Clever Clasp - Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

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    Clever Clasp makes securing your necklaces, bracelets or anklets a snap! Just bring the ends near, and they click together every time. You don't even have to see what you're doing. Clever Clasp attaches easily to any jewelry. Just bring the ends of the Clever Clasps near each other and they instantly click shut and safely lock, creating a super-magnetic bond, which is doubly, secured by a twist lock. The set includes 2 gold tone and 2 silver tone Clever Clasps as well as bonus 3" silver and gold extenders.Includes: 4 clasps (2 silver tone, 2 gold tone) / 2 extenders (1 silver tone, 1 gold tone) SHIPS IN MAIL ORDER PACKAGING.
  • Connects your necklace with ease!
  • Easily attaches to any necklaces!
  • Includes: 2 Gold & 2 Silver