Chia Pet Planter - The Golden Girls- Dorothy

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Chia - Pet Planter(The Golden Girls- Dorothy) Decorative Collectibles Pottery Planter Garden Home Decor Indoors Flower Plant. Cultivate a tribute to the most incredible ladies of the 80s with a classic chia-head 'do. Complete kit includes seeds and faithful busts; each 8"H. Choose Blanche Dorothy Rose or Sophia- although really can you truly enjoy one without having them all? Introducing the Chia Pet Planter - The Golden Girls - Dorothy an iconic and witty addition to your indoor garden. Watch Dorothy Zbornak's distinctive hairstyle come to life as it sprouts with vibrant chia seeds adding a touch of humor and wisdom to your space. This delightful planter is easy to grow and care for making it a fun and nostalgic way to pay tribute to your favorite sitcom. Whether for yourself or as a charming gift for Golden Girls fans the Chia Pet Planter - The Golden Girls - Dorothy is sure to evoke fond memories of friendship and laughter. Multi-Colored