Chia Pet Planter - Potted Groot

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    Chia - Introducing the Chia Pet Planter - Potted Groot a delightful and iconic addition to your indoor garden. Watch Groot the beloved character from "Guardians of the Galaxy " come to life as vibrant chia sprouts give him a green leafy appearance. This unique planter is easy to grow and care for making it a fun and whimsical piece of decor for fans of the Marvel universe. Whether for yourself or as a gift the Chia Pet Planter - Potted Groot is sure to bring a touch of intergalactic charm to your home. Indoor Only Gift for all Occasion.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE: Includes a unique pottery planter, convenient plastic drip tray and chia seed packets for 3 plantings.
  • FULL GROWTH 1-2 WEEKS: In just a few short weeks your chia pet will achieve maximum growth and enjoy a luscious green coat
  • MULTIPLE USES: Chia Planters can be washed and replanted indefinitely. The fun never stops with ch-ch-ch-chia pets!