Chia Pet Planter - Cat Grass Snoozy Kitty

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Chia Pet Planter - Decorative Pottery Planter Garden Home Decor Indoors Flower Plant Pot Decorative Gardener Great Gift For Kids - Cat Grass Snoozy Kitty. Your cat will be sure to love the Chia Cat Grass Planter. The Fun and easy way to grow a nutritious treat for your cat. The complete grass kit includes a reusable planter, 1 packet of cat grass seeds, and a growing mix. This adorable planter is the perfect gift that cats will love! Introducing the Chia Pet Planter - Cat Grass Snoozy Kitty, the purr-fect addition to your indoor garden. Watch cat grass grow, providing your feline friend with a delightful and nutritious treat. This easy-to-grow planter offers entertainment and nourishment for your kitty, all while adding a touch of greenery to your home. Whether for your beloved pet or as a thoughtful gift, the Chia Pet Planter - Cat Grass Snoozy Kitty is sure to keep both you and your cat content. Size: H 4.5, L 8.2, W 7.1, 2.10lb. The Chia Pet Planter - Cat Grass Snoozy Kitty offers your feline friend a fresh, indoor oasis of natural cat grass to nibble on. It's a delightful and nutritious treat that keeps your kitty entertained and satisfied.