Chefdini Salsa Maker and Food Processor (Black)

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The secret to new Chefdini is the Triple Unified Action! As you turn the handle over 100 gears propel three culinary blades with angled tips to create a continuous chopping and mixing action. Turn once and the razor-sharp blades automatically spin four times around. It’s like having 12 knives chopping for you. The more you turn the handle, the finer you can chop. You can even puree fruits and vegetables fine enough to make healthy baby foods. But it’s not just for chopping, by attaching the forever sharp slicing kit you can perfectly slice potatoes, fruits, meats, and more in seconds. And with the Julienne Blade, you can whip up tasty stir-fries in seconds! Chefdini is the only food processor you will ever need. No need for complicated electricity-consuming food Processors when you can get all your kitchen work accomplished with our convenient yet versatile In One Chefdini Food Processor.