Canada Green Grass Lawn Seed - 12 Pound Bag

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Does your lawn have some bare spots? Is it a little thin? Thicken your lawn and repair those bare spots with this exceptional grass seed blend, a fine grass seed mixture that grows healthy, rich, green grass. Planting instructions included with your bag. Fall is the perfect season to seed lawn. Grass starts growing in days and stays green!

This incredibly hardy grass that's proven itself on golf courses through the entire U.S.A. and Canada is now available to you. And it grows so quick and easy. Fairway grass takes much abuse from the heavy foot and cart traffic, divots, and every kind of weather condition! But through it all, grass-keepers have to maintain perfect grass. That's why they love this grass that sprouts quickly and thrives through the worst abuse.( 48.3% Creeping Red Fescue, 26.2% Annual Ryegrass, 25.5% Kentucky Bluegrass.)

Planting zones include 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 based on the USDA zone map. If planted in the southern or deep south of the USA, Canada Green will be an annual stand, not a perennial (USDA zones 8, 9, & 10).

Includes a total of 12 lbs. of Canada Green Grass Seed in our sealed bags.