Card Holders- Set of 4

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Playing cards are something we either grew up on, saw our elders playing or we still play ourselves. There are endless games to play with a deck of cards. From Go Fish to Gin Rummy to War. Then you have other types of card games like Uno. All these games provide hours of endless fun. With some games, you have to hold a lot of cards in your hand, which is called a suit. With this set of 4, you and a friend can play one of your favorite games without having your hands or fingers get tired or even cramp up from holding so many cards at once. Made from hard plastic, a playing cards holder is such a great invention. These set of 4 hold up to 15 cards, and keep your cards organized. With a playing card holder, they provide so much assistance. They can sit on the table or you can hold them while you play. Either way, everything is off yours hands.