Cafe Cup Reusable Single Cup Pod

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Now you can make your own refillable single-brew coffee cups with the Cafe Cup. These reusable single-brew cups let you fill them with your own coffee and save money. When purchasing coffee cups from the store, they are expensive and can cost around 70 cents each or more. That can add up to over $35 for just a pound of coffee. But if you fill up your own coffee using Cafe Cup, the cost drops down to just around 5 cents per cup. So stop overpaying. Cafe Cup is fast and easy to use. Just open the lid, fill in your favorite coffee, and close the lid. Then pop it into a single-brew machine and use it like normal. Cafe Cups are designed to work with just about any type of single-brew coffee machine. Plus you can also brew tea inside a single-brew machine as well. When finished, just take the Cafe Cup out, wash it, and you can reuse it again and again. They are also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Plus by using Cafe Cup you can help the environment by helping cut down on the all trash from all those disposable coffee cups. For use with your Keurig Single Cup Brewer.