Boppin' Bugz - Guy the Fly -The Crazy Bug Bopping Game

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Boppin' Bugz are the coolest, crazy critters you'll ever see! Lights! Noise! Music! And a catch-me-if-you-can way of crashing about that will make you want to bop till you drop! With three playing modes, and great characters, you can collect them all for endless fun. Say 'Hello' to the cheekiest, peskiest playmates around! Bella the Beetle this classy belle-of-the-ball, will have you spinning and twirling all night to try and catch her! Fizz the Fly this bumble-brained buzz-boy doesn't know if he's coming or going - and neither will you! Boris the Bookworm with his head in a book, he's constantly learning new tricks and tips to avoid being caught! With a motion sensor in their back, each Bug can detect your movement to duck, dive, dodge and deny you the chance to give them a bop. And, because they depend on your own movements, it means each chase is unique! When you finally do manage to Bop your Bug, you get flashing lights and sound effects - even music! There are three play modes for Boppin Bugz: 'Bop-a-Bug' - set your Bug off and try to catch it by bopping it on the back, it will turn and twist to avoid you, thanks to the built-in motion sensor. When you bop it enough you get rewarded with a victory sound! The first one to stop their bug is the winner! 'Boost-a-Bug' - before you start, boost your Bug by Boppin' it as much as you can, as quickly as you can, then let them go! The Bug that lasts the longest is the winner! 'Bug Train' - each Bug has a magnet at the front that, in Bug Train mode lets them join up to each other, front-to-back, to form a Bug train that chugs around your floor, complete with sound effects and lights! So collect them all because, with Bugz to Bop, the fun won't stop! Boppin Bugz - You won't believe you could have so much fun with bugz on the run!