Baseboard Cleaning- Refill Sponges Only (20 Pack)

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    Removes dirt easily and is reusable. No more wasting paper towels.
  • Designed for Baseboards: Specifically designed to clean baseboards effectively, removing dust, dirt, and grime with ease.
  • Versatile Use: While designed for baseboards, these refill sponges can also be used for cleaning other surfaces such as moldings, trims, and more.
  • Quick and Efficient Cleaning: The sponge design allows for quick and efficient cleaning, saving time and effort in maintaining a tidy living space.
  • Compatible with Baseboard Cleaning Tools: These refill sponges are designed to be compatible with standard baseboard cleaning tools, ensuring compatibility with existing cleaning equipment.
  • Refill Pack: The Baseboard Cleaning Refill Sponges come in a convenient pack of 20, ensuring an ample supply for ongoing cleaning needs.