Balloon Racers (Includes 2 Racers)

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    Meridian Point - Balloon Racers (Includes 2 Racers) with 12 Balloons Kids Toy Indoor Outdoor Fun. Balloon Racers are a thrilling and entertaining toy that brings joy and excitement to kids of all ages. This engaging set includes everything you need to create your own balloon-powered race cars and experience the thrill of high-speed competition. The Balloon Racers set features colorful and durable race car bodies with wheels that are designed to roll smoothly on various surfaces. Each race car is equipped with a specially designed balloon attachment mechanism that allows you to inflate a balloon and secure it to the car. As the balloon is released it propels the race car forward creating a burst of speed and launching it into action. Includes 2 race cars and 12 balloons. Indoor and outdoor fun. - Red
  • No Batteries Required! When the balloon is deflated, the race begins.
  • Indoor/ Outdoor Fun
  • Runs on the power of air.