Automatic Pet Fountain

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Automatic Pet Fountain Fresh water for your pet! Automatic Pet Fountain connects to a garden hose or a water bottle (for indoor use). If you leave your cat or dog at home during the day, you may find that you come home and their water bowl is empty. You can prevent this by using this automatic pet fountain to replenish your water throughout the day. Automatic Pet Fountain is pressure shut off to avoid spillover. Ideal for dogs, cats, birds, etc. Automatic Pet Fountain is a 2-liter bowl capacity. The active lifestyle of most dogs means that they need to drink a lot during the day to replenish the fluid they use up while running around. A medium size dog will need around 450ml of water a day, with this going up in warm weather. Product Details: Automatic Pet Fountain. Fresh water for your pet. You Can be placed on the ground or wall-mounted (hardware NOT included). A continuous flow of water. 2 liter supply of water.