Auto Effects Universal Fit Sun Shade - 27.75h x 49.5w

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    Auto Effects - Universal Fit Sun Shade for Automotive Windscreen. On a hot summer day touching your steering wheel or dashboard is like putting your hand directly into a hot oven. The interior of a parked car can reach very high temperatures. The front windscreen also sometimes acts like a magnifying glass intensifying the sun rays and making the car interior hotter on sunny days. The Auto Effects SunShade helps prevent this. The shade covers the windshield entirely from the inside keeping those warming rays from reaching your dashboard and keeping your car cool. 27.75H x 49.5W - Black
  • Universal fit sun shade, one size fits most vehicles.
  • Easy to install with built in suction cup mounts that help keep the sunshade in place while in use.
  • Protect your vehicle from UV rats and reflects sunlight, helping to reduce heat while keeping your car interior looking new.