CODE RED Period Panties with Pocket- Hot Pink- L

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CODE RED Period Panty is the new craze that will change your outlook on your period! Never worry about leaking through your clothes and ruining an outfit again. These period panties are designed to catch all additional discharge in the lining of the panty to prevent any messes or damages to your clothes or furniture. These briefs are so comfortable, on light days, you would be able to wear your period panty with no worry of an accident. And they're super comfortable!Period Panty are made of stretch cotton with a microfiber waistband. These tag-less panties will provide all the comfort and coverage needed during your cycle. The Body-Defining fit, will allow you to wear your period panties under your everyday outfits for that extra protection to melt your stress away. Equip with a uterus pocket, CODE RED Period Panty is the perfect companion on your menstrual cycle. whether you need a pouch for your heating pad during cramps, or indiscreet storage for an extra sanitary napkin for later, this pocket will provide the ultimate period experience and convenience. The period panty is designed to hold about 8-10 grams. Machine wash/hand wash and air dry. Must use together with sanitary napkins, pads, pantyliners or tampons.