All Purpose 5 in 1 Mandolin Slicer - Black

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QSP Mandolin Food Slicer/Grater/Shredder w/ 5 Blades- Black It chops! It dices! It shreds and grates and slices! The Mandolin Food Grater is the chef's best friend! This handy, helpful chopping device will slice and dice vegetables, fruit, cheeses, and so much more. It's easy to operate, and features 5 interchangeable blades. There's a Julienne blade for long thin slices, a grater for zests and cheeses, a flat blade for clean-cut slices, a shredder for the small stuff, and a wavy blade for potatoes and veggies. When any particular blade is not in use, it can be stored right in the main unit, so it won't get lost. Plus, all of the components are dishwasher safe for fast and easy clean-up. This awesome multi-purpose cutting tool is a useful addition to any kitchen, and makes a "grate" gift for your favorite chef! Features: Slice and dice vegetables, fruit, cheeses, and so much more Comes with 5 changeable blades Blades store in unit for convenience Indents on edge of the main unit help to put firmly on any container Dishwasher safe Includes: Mandolin Unit Food holder Food Guide Julienne blade Grater blade Flat blade Shredder blade Wavy blade Item is in mail order packaging