Adjustable Rainforest Tripod Sprinkler

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    Lawns love the Tri-Pod Sprinkler! The ultra-efficient design uses 1/3 less water than conventional sprinklers to cover any area from flower beds to large lawns! Simply attach a hose to the threaded connector, then place the sturdy tripod frame in the center of the desired watering area. Depending on the water pressure setting, the Tri-Pod Sprinkler can spray water effectively over areas from 20 sq ft up to 1900 sq ft! With that kind of range, you'll only need one to water the whole yard! The unique revolving spray head evenly distributes the mist, and the rugged anchor feet firmly hold the unit in place. The Tri-Pod Sprinkler is perfect for landscaping, shrubs, lawns, flower displays, vegetable gardens, and more! Don't wait until the withering starts! Get your Tri-Pod Sprinkler today!
  • Lightweight Tripod has a 2 1/2"l. ground stake on each leg.
  • Attaches to your standard garden hose.
  • Spray coverage range: 6-50' depending on water pressure. Just adjust the faucet valve. Coverage up to 1,900 sq. ft.