2-in-1 Leg & Arm Massager

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MASSAGE, STIMULATE, RELAX SORE TIRED ACHING ARM AND LEGS with the battery operated vibrating massager. 2 in 1 unit works as foot calf massager to give you a calf massage or as an forearm massager and arm massager to relax arms and legs. INVIGOTATING VIBRATION RELAXES LEG AND ARM MUSCLES. The calf muscle massager is one of the simple and easy to use leg massagers for relaxation. Use it as a calf muscle stimulator, calf massager for circulation to bring relief to calf and leg muscles. The portable leg massager is great to use as a leg massager in bed to relax when in bed. Use the leg massager for circulation to help with circulation in your calves and legs. A must lower leg massager among calf massagers. SOOTHES AND RELAXES. The forearm massager is a great choice when you are looking for arm massagers for muscles and use as a forearm massager to soothe and relax your arms and forearms. The electric arm forearm massagerr can be strapped on to your arm and keep your hands free at the same time, making it the perfect arm massager machine one can have. Easy use one button operation to turn unit ON or OFF. COMPACT DESIGN IDEAL FOR HOME, OFFICE & TRAVEL. Sized 6.5" Wide x 5.25" High x1.0" Thick with zippered soft plush cover and elastric straps to fill all sized, this arm massager electric and electric leg massager is small enough to use at home, office or fit into any purse, pocketbook, bag, briefcase, even a car, auto or truck glove compartment and be carried around when on the go and travelling. Battery operated electric calf leg massager uses 2 "AA" size batteries (not included).