1-2-Trim Blade & Line Gas Trimmer Universal WeedEater Head Replacement Pro

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The 1-2-Trim is the Fastest line and blade trimmer head on the market. It allows for simple line as well as blade changes. Change from lines to blades in 3 seconds. 6 High-Quality Precut Trimmer Lines. 3 High-Quality Brush Cutter Blades. Use as a brush cutter with blades then simply bend the pre-cut lines and use as a conventional trimmer. The fastest multipurpose trimmer and brush cutter. To install blower blades, simply pull the blade through the back side of the pivot and lock it into place. To insert the line, simply loop the conventional 12'' line in half and push through the opened ramped part of the pivot and pull back to lock it into place. Note: Blower blades are sold separately. Make sure to check the rotation of your trimmer. The straight shaft is typically counterclockwise. The curved shaft is typically clockwise. Size: 7.25 x 3.75 x 11.25 inches